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New PEG Class Sparks Early Interest in Students

White Water Rafting

Several PEG (Physical Education General) classes are offered each semester through the university for one or two credits. You can earn college course credit for anything from aerobic dance to weight training and a host of others in-between. It’s a win-win situation for college students looking to stay active and involved and earn credit towards graduation. Looking to sign up for one in the fall to fill that empty spot on your schedule??? How does White Water Rafting Sound?!!! Probably like an excellent idea! White water Rafting is the newest addition to the PEG sections of courses available through the university.

White Water Rafting has made its return to BGSU as a course as well as to the Outdoor Program. Jerome Gabriel, 3 year Director of the Outdoor Program, reinstated this course and has already captured many students’ interests. The Outdoor Program (OP) is one of the many services offered on campus. Jerome describes it as, “your on campus travel agency that you get credit to participate in.” The OP can implement these PEG programs as it did this past semester with the Rock Climbing courses and Canoeing in Spring 2011 and it can also expand its efforts toward programs like the Freshman Wilderness Experience.

As for the White Water Rafting Course, here’s what you need to know. The course is one credit hour towards graduation offered in the Fall. It does have an extra fee of $325 attached to registering for the course. The extra cost covers your transportation to the New River in West Virginia, lodging for the two nights stay, the cost of rafting, the educational session and your wetsuits. The course requires that you attend two in-class sessions with Jerome before the Fall Break Trip. After the trip you are also required to attend two more in-class session. The in-class sessions are 10:30-11:20AM on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in room 136 at the Field House.

The Rafting Trip is scheduled for Fall Break 2010 which is October 8-10. The trip agenda that is set up starts with all participants being charted down the New River in West Virginia on the Friday of Fall Break. Saturday is an all day instructional and educational day on the techniques and important components of White Water Rafting. After the group is comfortable they will head out on Sunday for the rafting trip and will return to Bowing Green on Sunday evening.

The course capacity is set at 50 and 26 spots are filled! Don’t delay registering; only 24 spots open for this truly unique experience!

The course can be registered for just as you register for any other course at BGSU. It is in the PEG 2000 section of the course catalog. The course number is 83738 which can be used to directly search for the White Water Rafting course. If you are having difficulties finding the course through the course catalog try this path: select PEG 2000, click view class sections and select the second of the seven pages. Contact Jerome Gabriel at 419-372-2146 for more information about this course or visit the Outdoor Program’s Webpage at or click on the picture below to navigate directly to the OP trip information page.

We Will See You Rafting!!!

OP Trips

Kids Camp 2010 – The Best Yet!

Kids Summer Camp 2010 at BGSU is not just another “Day Care” camp. Things are changing in a big way and we want you to be a part of it! This is a look inside at what your campers are really getting out of this experience. BGSU Summer Kids Camp had its start in 2008 and has been a staple program every summer since then. It has always been a good camp alternative to the traditional baby-sitters or day care facilities. But this year it’s going to be different. Micha Seither, Camp Director, talks about turning a camp that was good in its previous years into something great this year!

It takes a lot more than just wanting to make the camp better. Restructuring, planning and bringing in the best people in their fields were some of the steps taken to get this camp up and running. A host of people from various departments have helped in the transformation of this year’s Kids Camp. Changes in the areas of fitness and exercise, health and wellness, snacking choices, preparation and communication and overall marketing of the camp are what this year’s successes are based on.

“We have components in this year’s camp that were not present in the previous years. These are critical areas that we are so glad to be able to implement every other day in camp.” Laurie Westbeld speaks about the newly added fitness and wellness sessions. The session will alternate days and will be done twice a week each. The fitness session will be coordinated and lead by Liz and will last about an hour. Liz will be focusing her efforts on getting the campers to understand fitness and why it is so important to their daily routines. Latisha is a wellness intern at the SRC and she will be conducting the health and wellness sessions. Latisha’s aim is for the campers to practice good health, such as hygiene. Other elements like community safety and bicycle riding will be discussed throughout the eight weeks of camp. It is truly going to be great to have both Liz and Latisha on board for this year’s Kids Camp.

Included in the price (which has been lowered for this year) for camp, each child will receive two snacks a day. It is really simple to order some snacks that are prepackaged and processed and hand them out to the campers. There’s little thought involved and little mess to clean up afterwards. However, with the new focus of camp being a well rounded experience, we wanted to make sure we followed through in this area as well. This year we have revamped the snack menu with fruits, vegetables and healthier alternatives for ice cream. It has been a task to restructure the snack menu because for the most part, budget doesn’t allow for the kids to have fruits and vegetables for every snack, every day. We have done what we can though and are putting the finishing touches on the snack menu next week. Look for the Weekly Newsletter that will get sent home with your campers for the snack list for that week.

The Weekly Newsletters mentioned above are our way of communicating to the parents or guardians about the activities and events that their campers are involved in. Laurie Westbeld spoke about how camp this year is going to be more informative. “We want the parents to know what snacks their kids are eating and what field trip they are going on this week. We want to communicate this information to the parents to show that we have it organized and planned out.” Laurie and countless others have been hard at work to make this camp the best it can be.

So don’t miss all the new and exciting changes to Kid’s Camp! Sign-ups are going on now! For more information about Kid’s Camp visit or click on the picture below to download the guide and forms. We look forward to seeing you all there!