BGSU Student Leadership Excellence Results in National Recognition

BGSU Recreation and Wellness is home to two recent national award recipients. The Outdoor Program is the winner of the David J. Webb Program Excellence Award from the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE.) Additionally, Student Wellness Network Vice-President Ashley Remer is the winner of the 2009 BACCHUS Network “Outstanding Student Award.”

The AORE is a national organization representing outdoor recreation programs at universities and military bases, as well as not-for-profit outdoor recreation programs.

“This is the highest award given to an outdoor recreation program,” said Director of the Outdoor Program Jerome Gabriel. “It’s the Emmy of outdoor recreation.”

Given BGSU’s location in an area not known for outdoor recreation like Northwest Ohio, it may appear surprising the Outdoor Program is the winner of this prestigious award. However, the program has a proud reputation in the outdoor recreation community.

“We were nominated for our ability to produce outstanding outdoor leaders,” stated Gabriel. “Students have gone on to be directors of outdoor programs in Colorado and Utah, graduate assistants in Georgia and New York, and work in many professional areas of outdoor recreation.”

The Outdoor Program also makes good use of the resources it has available with programs such as the adaptive climbing program, adrenaline youth climbing club, and the freshman wilderness experience.

Another important resource of the Outdoor Program is its student staff. The student employees at the program are vital contributors towards the program’s success.

“We give 100 percent recognition to our student staff,” said Gabriel. “The program wouldn’t have gone anywhere without students, who are passionate about outdoor recreation.”

The Student Wellness Network also has a strong reputation for producing leaders, a fact The BACCHUS Network recognizes.

The BACCHUS Network consists of over 32,000 student peer educators and advisors. BGSU’s Student Wellness Network is an affiliate. Student Wellness Network Vice-President Ashley Remer is the most recent winner of the “Outstanding Student Award.” Remer is the second BGSU student in as many years to win the award.

Senior Ashley Remer won “Outstanding Student of the Year” among other students due to her dedication to the Student Wellness Network.

“Ashley is a great leader and very charismatic,” stated Wellness Connection Director and Student Wellness Network Advisor Faith Yingling. “Other students look up to her as a mentor and leader. She brought the organization through a transition period after two main leaders graduated last year. Her leadership is very important. She really connects with students, and they feel comfortable with her.”

On Thursday, November 19 the Student Wellness Network has a table in the Union from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. as part of the Great American Smokeout. Visitors can find information on smoking cessation. Furthermore, Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Counselor Carrie Arndt is at the table from 12 until 2 p.m.

More information on the Student Wellness Network and the Wellness Connection can be found at their Web sites.

In early December, the Outdoor Program releases its Spring Semester trip schedule, which will include backpacking along the Appalachian trail and caving in Alabama. Please visit the Outdoor Program Web site for more information.