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Application Shortcuts

Posted by jeggent on May 13, 2014

One of my favorite and most used quick tips

is to add Shortcut keys to a couple of applications. If you right click on a program in the Start menu ( Windows 7 and before – not sure about Windows 8 ) and click Properties you can enter a key in the Shortcut key field, Windows will add the “Ctrl + Alt +”.  Then you can launch that program just by pressing Ctrl + Alt + whatever key you selected.  I’ve been using this with Notepad and Calculator for many years.  There are lots of times when I want to paste something into Notepad to remove the formatting or to view or edit something quickly.  I also bring up the Calculator often to do a quick calculation.  I’ve been asked a number of times “how did you do that” when I quickly press Ctrl + Alt + N to bring up Notepad or Ctrl + Alt + C for the Calculator.  It’s just one of those things I’ve done that’s saved me 5 seconds 100s of times.