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Ship It – Part 2

Posted by jeggent on April 2, 2014

I’ve Created a Wizard

However there was no magic to it.  I created a Louver Selection Wizard for American Warming and Ventilating.  I’ve written in prior posts about using PHP, CSS, and the Bootstrap Framework. (Ship ItBy My Bootstraps)  While this site isn’t nearly as heavy with the PHP programming as the Specification Writer from the Ship It post, working with Bootstrap was a really great experience.  The application looks nice and modern and mobilizes great onto smaller screens.

What’s Next?

Next I would really like to learn AJAX so that the search results could update without refreshing the whole page, or even refresh as changes are being made to the form.  I would also like to go back to some of the other applications I’ve done and add the Bootstrap CSS to make them look better and mobilize in an intentional way.  I may also go back in and add a few more fun Bootstrap CSS touches.  One example of what I mean is when a louver is in the search results that has vertical blades, I have a V with a black background using the <kbd> tag with a title.  This really draws attention to the V and the title gives it a mouse over with an explanation.  I thinks that’s a cool touch and would like to do more like that.