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Cool Running Totals

Posted by jeggent on April 5, 2013

This may be old news to some of you geeks, but I’m pretty excited to figure out how to do running totals in PeopleSoft Query. And, it’s actually pretty easy! In the following example I’m listing Federal Pell Grant disbursements for the aid year with a running total. The first step is to build your query as normal, select the fields you’d like on the output and filter on whatever criteria is correct.  For this example I’ve selected one item type and one aid year.  Next, select the Expressions tab and click on Add Expression. Don’t forget to check the Aggregate Function check box. Here is my expression:

You can see that you are using the SUM function with the field you want the running total for. Then after OVER specify your ORDER BY fields as you would in any other aggregate. Click OK then the Use as Field link to include it in your output. Your output should looks something like this:

ID # Pell $ Running Total
00005 $5,550 $5,550
00009 $2,200 $7,750
00014 $3,100 $10,850

Hopefully you can make good use of running totals in your queries.

Good Luck.