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Posted by jeggent on February 22, 2013

In his manifesto How To Be Legendary author Johnny B. Truant gives “The surefire formula to become Legendary”.  Step 2 is simply “Ship”.  At least for me, when I don’t have a specific deadline, this can be the most challenging step.  When is something totally done?  Could it ever be truly perfect?

Well I’ve taken Johnny’s advice/instruction to heart and shipped my first PHP programming project.  I’ve written a Section 089000 3-Part Louver Specification Writer.  This was a really interesting project for me.  I used some CSS for expanding and collapsing sections that I’d never used before, of course the application is written in PHP which is still new to me, and it outputs a file in Rich Text Format (.rtf).  The syntax of the RTF file may have ended up being the most challenging part.

Just to give you an idea, here is a selection of the RTF file code:


This web application may not be terribly interesting if you aren’t an architect needing to specify a louver.  However I still think it’s kind of cool.  The application builds the correctly formatted text based on the options selected then outputs that text in RTF.

I’m sure I could have spent several more weeks adding more features and tweaks.  But I’m glad that decided to ship this web application and will be able to start on another project.