speech 4

April 21st, 2009 by ecohen

How to make Hamantschen was my speech topic and something I have a great knowledge about. I was nervous before class thinking about what I was going to say and how was going to present the speech to the class. I walked in the class with 5 mins to spare and thought it will be okay, you can do this, you have talked about this subject a lot. So I went up to the front and got out my stuff. I decided to write the word “hamantachen” on the board so everyone knew how to spell it. I could hear people whispering and trying to figure out how to pronounce it and what it was. I started off my speech with the story of Purim, which I thought was a good attention getter because no one has probably even heard of Purim. As I started my speech I got a little tense when I looked around the classroom but I could see everyone was playing attention so that was a good sign. As my speech went on I could hear myself saying uh and um which in my head I knew I had to change but when it came out of my mouth it didn’t work like my head wanted it to! I think there was a point when I repeated myself 3 times went is annoying to myself because I had all these different things to talk about as sidenotes and I forgot some of them which would have maybe me not repeat as much. I thought demostarting on the board how to fold a hamantachen was a little confusing but once everyone saw what it was I think they understood what it was. Overall, I think my speech went really well! My favorite part of the speech was my conclusion, I think it went really smoothly and handing out hamantachen and hearing everyones reacts was the best!

Blog for speech 3

April 21st, 2009 by ecohen

1. Some of the strengths I had were that I didn’t really look off my note cards that much. I talked very clearly about the topic and think people could understand me really well.

2. I think me and my team did great! The meetings we all got together and decided what to do. Their ideas and my ideas put together a pretty good speech. I think my team meets did help me present better because i wasn’t up there alone!

3. I can approve on rambling about the same things over and over again.

4. As a team we could have been more enthusatic I guess. Some of us just read off the notecards in a monotone voice and the others had a good loud clear voice I think it would have been better if we just all had the loud clear voice.

5. Since I wasnt there for the first group speech I think this speech went really well. We were prepared and had a good knowledge of the topic.

speech # 3

March 31st, 2009 by ecohen

Well since I had mono I wasnt there for speech 3. I’m sure my group did an amazing job! I’m sad I wasnt there to contribute to it but I had a fever of a 102 and had no voice what so ever. After I left class I went home and had to go to the hosptial because my throat was closed up. Turns out I had mono and was out of school for 3 weeks. It was the worst 3 weeks of my life. I was so bored and couldnt eat or talk it was awful. So our next group speech I will finally be there to contribute to my group and im sure it will go GREAT!

jan 21

January 26th, 2009 by ecohen

This day in class we talk about how to make a speech turn out well. We talked about what a speaker should and should not do and we talked about what a listener should and shoulder not do. We learned things that will help use make our speech more interesting and make ourselves listen to other speeches better.


January 17th, 2009 by ecohen

Hello! My name is Emily Cohen. I am a sophomore here at Bowling Green State University. I am a Sport Management major specializing in enterprise. Recently, I have been thinking about changing my major to VCT or photography because of how my view of sports has changed. Ever since I was young I played all sports especially basketball. Basketball is the number one thing I love to do. I played high school basketball and my junior year I injuried my shoulder. It sublixed and was stuck in the same place for a month. I was out most of the season and never really got to play ever again. I went to many physical therapy places and none of the them seemed to work. Two years after the injury I went to an Orthopaedic Surgeon, where they discovered I had a huge tear in my labrum, which made my shoulder dislocate all the time. I had surgery a couple months later. It turned out that the surgery didnt work. A year and half after that surgery I went to the
Cleveland Clinic where I learned that I have a multi-directional shoulder which means it can go any way and dislocate because there is nothing supporting it. After learning this I was told I will need surgery again and I can never play sports again because if I do, my shoulder could loosen and I would need surgery again. After hearing this, I decided that maybe Sports Managment is not for me. I love sports but not being able to play them kills me. Therefore, if i change my major I would not have to be around them all the time, making me to be a little happier.

Hello world!

January 14th, 2009 by ecohen

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