speech 4

How to make Hamantschen was my speech topic and something I have a great knowledge about. I was nervous before class thinking about what I was going to say and how was going to present the speech to the class. I walked in the class with 5 mins to spare and thought it will be okay, you can do this, you have talked about this subject a lot. So I went up to the front and got out my stuff. I decided to write the word “hamantachen” on the board so everyone knew how to spell it. I could hear people whispering and trying to figure out how to pronounce it and what it was. I started off my speech with the story of Purim, which I thought was a good attention getter because no one has probably even heard of Purim. As I started my speech I got a little tense when I looked around the classroom but I could see everyone was playing attention so that was a good sign. As my speech went on I could hear myself saying uh and um which in my head I knew I had to change but when it came out of my mouth it didn’t work like my head wanted it to! I think there was a point when I repeated myself 3 times went is annoying to myself because I had all these different things to talk about as sidenotes and I forgot some of them which would have maybe me not repeat as much. I thought demostarting on the board how to fold a hamantachen was a little confusing but once everyone saw what it was I think they understood what it was. Overall, I think my speech went really well! My favorite part of the speech was my conclusion, I think it went really smoothly and handing out hamantachen and hearing everyones reacts was the best!

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