Hello! My name is Emily Cohen. I am a sophomore here at Bowling Green State University. I am a Sport Management major specializing in enterprise. Recently, I have been thinking about changing my major to VCT or photography because of how my view of sports has changed. Ever since I was young I played all sports especially basketball. Basketball is the number one thing I love to do. I played high school basketball and my junior year I injuried my shoulder. It sublixed and was stuck in the same place for a month. I was out most of the season and never really got to play ever again. I went to many physical therapy places and none of the them seemed to work. Two years after the injury I went to an Orthopaedic Surgeon, where they discovered I had a huge tear in my labrum, which made my shoulder dislocate all the time. I had surgery a couple months later. It turned out that the surgery didnt work. A year and half after that surgery I went to the
Cleveland Clinic where I learned that I have a multi-directional shoulder which means it can go any way and dislocate because there is nothing supporting it. After learning this I was told I will need surgery again and I can never play sports again because if I do, my shoulder could loosen and I would need surgery again. After hearing this, I decided that maybe Sports Managment is not for me. I love sports but not being able to play them kills me. Therefore, if i change my major I would not have to be around them all the time, making me to be a little happier.

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. anarbsm
    12:08 pm - 1-21-2009

    Thats terrible about your shoulder.

  2. erineo
    7:58 pm - 1-26-2009

    Hey! Well that sucks about your shoulder and that it isn’t fixed. Glad you’re in my group!

  3. ahuffma
    8:03 pm - 1-26-2009

    Hey Emily! That sucks about your shoulder and not being able to play sports again. But if you do change your major, i think VCT would be awesome. I took VCT 103 and its been my favorite class so far. It so much fun, and really interesting!

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