Blog for speech 3

1. Some of the strengths I had were that I didn’t really look off my note cards that much. I talked very clearly about the topic and think people could understand me really well.

2. I think me and my team did great! The meetings we all got together and decided what to do. Their ideas and my ideas put together a pretty good speech. I think my team meets did help me present better because i wasn’t up there alone!

3. I can approve on rambling about the same things over and over again.

4. As a team we could have been more enthusatic I guess. Some of us just read off the notecards in a monotone voice and the others had a good loud clear voice I think it would have been better if we just all had the loud clear voice.

5. Since I wasnt there for the first group speech I think this speech went really well. We were prepared and had a good knowledge of the topic.

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