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Staff Blog: Create and Publish Narrated Presentations on the Web


COBL staffer Carolyn has written a great post about creating narrated presentations…which is something that should be easier than it is! Here’s an excerpt:

Narrated presentations are quite popular these days. I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few examples by now; we’ve used Articulate (expensive and not mobile friendly) and SlideShare (free, kinda clunky) in the past but have still not found the perfect solution. The problem is not creating the narrations (PowerPoint has had a narration feature for years), it’s distributing them with a manageable file size. Since PowerPoint does not compress the audio, a 10min. narrated presentation could be about upwards of 5GB! That would take a long time to download, even on the fasted connection. My solution utilizes two awesome and FREE web-based tools, which means there’s nothing for you or your students to download:


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COBL to Present at OLN’s First Annual Spring Colloquium


One major factor that separates a passive learning experience from an active and engaging learning experience, regardless of the medium, is the amount of interaction facilitators have with their students. Terence, Ginny, and Carolyn will be presenting at the first annual Ohio Learning Network Spring Colloquium in Columbus on April 11. The focus of the panel is to talk about the different ways we have helped instructors enhance their online presence to foster an engaging learning environment. We will discuss some of the communication and collaboration tools that can add a human element to the online classroom.

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