Changing the world one step at a time, serves as outlet for today’s youth (25 & under) to get inspired and involved.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> is an organization with the mission of creating a generation of do-ers that they define as “a world where more than 51% of young people are involved with community action.” According to, currently there is only 23% of this generation who are actively volunteers.

The organization was created in 1993 by Andrew Shue (Melrose Place) and Michael Sanchez. The organization has gone through many changes since then, shown through the over 1.2 million young people who took action through DoSomething programs last year. This year the goal is to surpass that number and make it to 2 million volunteers!

DoSomething has had great press with the amount of celebity involvement. The list of the top 20 celebs on the DoSomething blog “Celebs Gone Good” includes names such as Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, Alyssa Milano (Charmed); noted environmentalist and actor, Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception); and diabetes advocate, Nick Jonas (The Jonas Brothers).

Now through September 13, YOU can team up with Staples and Pretty Little Liars to participate in’s project Staples for Students. There are many ways to paticipate in this 4th annual campaign. You can donate school supplies at your local Staples, run a supplies drive in your community, or join the stars for your chance at winning some awesome prizes.

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A variety of ways are available to help the cause of besides particpating in programs. There are many widgets available that you can put on your own site/blog. Here are some examples:

Get the Act Now Matrix (web) widget
Get the Do Something NOW! widget
Get the Find your cause widget 
Get the dosomething_aspca_widget

You can also choose to donate money. Donations fund DoSomething grants, volunteer projects, clubs and more. You can pick your price and your cause.

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