This is an environmental blog, but people have more than one interest. So here’s my first non-environmental “Check It Out” post. My boyfriend, and love of my life, Spencer Moody just might be the #1 fan of the Cincinnati Reds. If you are interested in Major League Baseball and/or like the Reds, then you should check out his blog “Moody Baseball.”  We recently attended the Dusty Baker Bobble head night when the Reds played the Indians. This was my first Reds game and I am now hooked. Perhaps my new mission will be to get baseball parks to recycle! Needless to say, we took our empty plastic bottles with us!

We also went through the Great American Ballpark’s Hall of Fame and the player attraction was for Johnny Bench.

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One thought on “Americans Love the Environment and Baseball!

  1. BMW AC Repair Atlanta
    12:19 pm - 7-26-2011

    haha. love that you wish to convert the baseball stadiums trash system to be more sustainable.
    it’s always nice to attend college or professional league games and find recycling bins placed near trashcans.
    The Atlanta Braves are really good about it which is comforting.
    I guess it’s all about further educating the city before huge venues follow suit.

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