Powering the Dream. Grist staff writer David Roberts recently published his 5th and final article in his series about his conversations with Atlantic Tech Channel editor Alexis Madrigal and his new book, Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology.

Madrigal discusses greentech history, fossil fuels, electricity, nuclear energy, wind power, and environmental laws.

Check out the first article in the series here.

Environmental News is everywhere! Online blogs and magazines, like Grist, are great sources of information. If you check out my blog roll you will find many fantastic blogs with an environmental focus. Here is my evaluation of a few of them:


This blog was started by Hank Green while he was in graduate school. The focus of this blog is to relate nature and technology and recognize how technology can damage or save the environment. Here you will find posts about new technologies that are green like the newest electric cars but you will also find posts about you can be environmental at home like repurposing your electronics. It also relies upon users to send in tips via e-mail: tips@ecogeek.org

Sustainable Style Foundation

This blog is all about styling you and your lifestyle in an environmentally friendly way. What is the Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF)? It is an international nonprofit organization that is supported by members. SSF purpose is “to provide information, resources, and innovative programs that promote sustainable living and sustainable design.” Here you will find ways to live sustainably and fashionably in areas of your life such as fashion, food, travel, film, interior design, and even music!

The Lazy Environmnetalist

The Lazy Environmnetalist was founded in 2005 by environmental entrepreneur Josh Dorfman. This blog is all about taking the easy approach to being environmental in an appealing way. The Lazy Environmentalist is also a television show and book that Dorfman produced and authored. Here you will find posts about affordable green choices, information abotu farmer’s markets as well as video and radio interviews of Dorfman on various issues.

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