Daily Archives: November 28, 2018

Meeting with Adviser 11/28

Today I met with my BFA adviser and discussed the interactivity of my project and how I can go about making it function properly. This was highly beneficial as it helped me iron out a lot of the details for how I could code the remaining aspects of The End Is Near. We discussed how I might use different coding strategies to achieve different outcomes with my project. After this conversation I feel more confident in the interactive portion of my project.

Full Class Crituque

When presenting my work to the class I received some feedback that I will take into account while constructing my project. Some of my peers inquired about what kind of sound I would consider using for my project. One suggested using a ticking time bomb to go along with the nuclear fallout theme. I may implement this idea, although I have an idea for some soft music that might work for what I am envisioning. At this point I have established how the experience will begin and end. The End Is Near will begin by showing the nuclear explosion that will end the civilization/character being depicted. The camera will then zoom out and reveal the reflection of the character’s eye lens to their mask. The viewer will then receive full control over the project. When they are finished with their observations of the character they can end the experience by “unfreezing time” and letting the nuclear explosion destroy the character. This way the project has a beginning and end that viewers can experience.

Another point of feedback that I received included my camera angles. Specifically, where my camera angles were pointing. I was told that where they were currently pointing was not an effective composition or interesting in the least. The camera angles I chose were actually just test spots just to make sure my interactivity was functioning. That said, this dialogue affirmed that I must be careful about the camera angles I do end up choosing for the final piece.

Thanksgiving Break Progress

Over Thanksgiving break I produced the beginnings of the models that would become the first 3 objects  of interest on the character’s person. I am currently not happy with their designs as they seem lack personality. I used reference images of wallets, cell phones, and wrist watches to sculpt my models, but I believe the references I chose were not very inspired. To remedy this problem I plan on using new reference images that will aid in giving the culture and character depicted to be more visually interesting to view. I also want to use stylized objects to add to the fantasy element of the piece and spark the curiosity of the viewer. The stylization I wish to employ includes visuals from steam-punk fiction and Industrial Revolution-era technology. I feel that these visuals will blend nicely with the design that is already in place for the character. I am excited to begin work on spicing up these assets to make them more interesting.

I also got a little done with the interactivity of my project over break. I can now smoothly transition between two different sample camera points, which is the first step to making the interactivity of my project work.

Week 11/12 – 11/15

On the week of 11/12 – 11/15 I realized I would need to remodel some of my character in order to achieve higher quality texture maps. While this did add time to my project, it payed off by producing clean texture maps that allowed me to better organize my workflow. At this point I have decided for sure that I will focus on one character and go for quality over quantity with my project. I wish to ensure that every asset I develop for this project meets a high standard of texture realism.

I have decided on the objects that will begin to define my character and their culture. The few that I will begin to model include a wallet with family photographs, a communication device (like a cell phone or pager), and a wrist watch. I feel that these objects will give the viewer an idea of what kinds of items the citizens of this society found important enough to carry around their person. These objects will also inform the audience about the kind of technology this culture was capable of producing. Finally, the family photographs will make the viewer aware of some of the specifics behind the character’s day to day life.