Six Sentence Concepts

Six Sentence Story Concepts


Let Sleepings Dogs Lie.

1. The main character wants to reach the exit.

2. The character moves to the door.

3. The doorway is blocked by a large sleeping creature and the character cannot get by.

4. The character tries to move the creature and cannot.

5. The character sees an emergency airhorn hanging on the wall.

6. The character uses the air horn and is slapped by the creature, slaming him into the wall and he gives up.


Question of Character.

1. The character is trying to cross the street.

2. The character starts to move into the street.

3. A car zooms by nearing hitting the character and the character runs back to the sidewalk.

4. The character tries different ways of moving across the street.

5. The character decides to get a running start and polevault over the cars zooming by.

6. Another character standing by the road trips character A as he is about to polevault and character A becomes mad and starts yelling at character B, just then a semi zooms by which character A would have hit if he had vaulted.

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