Character Bio

CHARACTER ANALYSES/BIO – The points below will help you formulate who your character is and how they came to be that person.

Age – 38

Evolution/Life Cycle (relative to human?) – Herbert is fully evolved and has a similar life cycle to humans and live to the average age of mid 80s.

Ethnicity – Herbert is a Snerd. Snerds are peaceful aliens that immigrated to the planet long ago and have assimilated into earth’s culture.

Height – 6 Feet.

Weight – 210 pounds.

Gender – Male.

Culture – Snerds are pacifists and refuse to fight. They are creatures of habit, much like humans. They get into routines and dislike interruptions of their routines.

Profession – Middle management office worker.

Dreams – Getting promoted to upper management and getting a better job.

Beliefs – Like all Snerds, Herbert is a pacifist but, also like most Snerds, he has traded his beliefs for a job and a piece of american life. Snerds do believe in a singular God, and celebrate the catholic calendar.

Food – Like all Snerds, Herbert has adopted american food and especially enjoys pizza and hamburgers.

Weaknesses – Herbert is not very active in life. He focuses on his job and little else and doesn’t really have any strong beliefs.

Goals/Ambition – Herbert’s goal is to move up in his company and obtain a better more respected job.

Obstacles – Herbert is not really recognized at work and feels stuck in his job.

Stereotype/Archetype – Herbert is the stereotypical office worker, a little dull in personality and focused on his job.

Sense of Humor – Herbert has small and rather dull sense of humor.

Health – Herbert is in good health.

Family – Herbert was an only child and is very focused on his job and so has not started a family of his own yet.

Values – Herbert values his job and little else.

Environment (Env they feel uncomfortable in?) – Herbert, like most Snerds, has become very comfortable in middle America.

Intelligence – Snerds, including Herbert, are intelligent thinkers and problem solvers much like humans.

Education – Herbert grew up in America and went through the american school system through high school and attended community college.

Sex Life – Snerds participate is causal and marital sex, however Herbert is so focused on his job he has little time for pursuing the opposite sex.

Idiosyncrasies – Herbert is rather dull and as such, most Snerds bounce from side to side while Herbert only bounces in a straight line as it is more efficient.

Need/Purpose – Herbert’s purpose is to gain satisfaction through his job and move up in the world.

Nocturnal habits – Herbert sleeps at night.

Body Structure – Herbert like all snerds has a chubby lower body that he uses to bounce on.

Fears – Herbert has a fear that he will lose his job and will no longer feel important.

Talent – Herbert is extremely efficient and very good with numbers.

Self View – Herbert is content with himself but like most people believes he could do more if given the opportunity.

Addictions – Herbert is obviously addicted to work.

Flaws – Herbert is far too focused on his job and needs to focus of bigger things in life.

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