12 Story Concept Ideas.

1.      The Pen is Mightier than the Sword. A conflict is better resolved by logic and reason than by violence or force.

2.      Environment Comes to Life. Character is trying to reach something but the environment comes to life to stop him/her


3.      Internal Conflict. Character is struggling with himself to do the right thing.


4.      Use of an External Tool. A conflict arises and the character must use an external tool to resolve it.


5.      Chase Scene. The character is being chased through the scene by another and must find a way to escape.


6.      Development of Superpowers. Character develops superpowers through accident and uses the powers to resolve a conflict that arises.


7.      Comedic Irony. A very serious problem arises and is solved by the simplest and almost childlike of actions.


8.      Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. The character playfully antagonizes a calm larger creature to the point of angering it causing conflict.


9.      Necessity of Survival. Character is put in a life threatening situation (i.e. No food or water or shelter) and must adapt in order to live.


10.  Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right. The character does something wrong which causes conflict and then tries to fix that conflict by doing another wrong but finds the conflict can only be resolved by doing the right thing.


11.  Reasoning vs. Technology. The character and a computer AI are given the same task but the computer with all its sophisticated processors cannot reach the simply conclusion the character reaches to solve the conflict.


12.  Question of Character. The character does something which seems rather malicious and causes conflict but then turns out to done in order in the best intentions and prevents a greater conflict.   

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