Revised Final Story Idea.

Title: War on the 32nd Floor.

Concept: When you least expect it, events can unfold to make you think about the bigger issues.

Premise: A man trying to get to a business meeting meets with a boy protesting the war, who forces him to think about more important issues.

1. The main character is walking into a building and stops for a moment when he sees a small boy standing outside protesting the war.

2. The main character looks at his watch, noticing the time, and rushes through the door into the elevator and pushes the 32nd floor button.

3. The elevator stops on the 9th floor and opens to the same boy standing there holding a picture of soldiers in the war, the main character looks at the boy and then pushes the button for the 32nd floor again.

4. The elevator stops again on the 11th floor and the doors open to the same boy standing there holding another picture of the iraq war. The character looks at the boy in anger and then at his watch and quickly presses the 32nd floor button several times as the doors close.

5. The elevator stops a final time on the 20th floor and the doors open to see the boy mourning at a grave site, his protest sign on the floor next to him. The man looks out stunned as the doors slowly close.

6. The doors open on the 32nd floor but the man is no longer in the elevator. The camera cuts back down to the street where the boy and the man are now both standing outside the building holding protest signs.

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