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All beware Green Lantern’s light.

Green Lantern Super Spectular Cover #1 debuting May 2011.

The old saying of Green Lantern is this, “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight.” Escaping Green Lantern’s sight would be impossible this summer.

DC comics announced that this May that 9 new comics involving Green Lantern will be released in honor of the film’s release on June 17 starring Ryan Reynolds including Green Lantern Super Spectacular #1 with long-time Lantern writer, Geoff Johns teaming up with Watchmen’s author Alan Moore. Just after last summer’s hit with “Blackest Night“, now the Lanterns are war again, but with each other in “War with the Green Lanterns“. Seemingly, DC is riding the wave this year hoping that Green Lantern will keep DC up in competition with their rival industry, Marvel. Green Lantern has been the best selling comic for the industry since the Sinestro Corp Wars debuted. Now, with summer vast approaching, DC looks to show fans that the Green Lantern will be its brightest star for now.

Is all this Green Lantern really too much though?

This summer will be big for the Green Lantern universe, but is much too much?

Does the hype really need to be shoved in our faces? Comic industry tend to really hype their beloved creations up when major Hollywood productions decide to use film adaptions to tell tales of our heroes. Even if many of them become a flop. (I.E. Batman & Robin).

Whatever fans feel, we’re going to have a lot of Green Lanterns on our plate this summer. And on another bright side,

Joel Schumacher isn’t directing the Green Lantern film.

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