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Why I blog about DC comics

"The Joker"

Evil has a smile.

One of my earliest memories in life is laughter. By The Joker that is. His wide-grin smile frighten as a child but held such an imagination on me. Later, stories such as Men who are faster than a speeding bullet, Batarangs, and costume masks with colored capes came into play. My imagination exploded and I was sucked into the world of comics. DC comics. Each hero and villain is a metaphor of good and evil, or right and wrong. Of what our society and what could be. Comics have held such a history throughout time, dating to the dawn of Hitler invading Poland with Superman and later Bat-man debuting. Now, they are a international icon and symbol of pop culture with numerous films, novels and other accessories being publish displaying the men and women some lust to be.

But why do I blog about fictional characters that appear in only panels? For one, they are important not only to me, but to the world. Each DC character displays a story that captures my attention and maintains it. That is a difficult thing to do. I love reading about a man who can run fast to break the time barrier, or a man who uses a tiny green ring to protect the universe. I consider these men and women, the most creative beings ever. They can accomplish feats that deem impossible for people like myself. Their conflicting issues with identity and struggle from society of accepting them is what people in the real world struggle with daily. In the end, these comic characters are more real than any of us.

My name is Matt Lovett, and this is why I blog about DC comics.

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