Week 4

I can’t believe that it is already February! The time is already flying by, which is bittersweet in some aspects. Since my last update, I have still just been gathering what information and content I can for my client’s website. He still needs to provide me with a few items such as images and specific content before I can totally dive into the process.

However, I still feel good about the progress because we have most of the big milestones out of the way such as color scheme, layout and design. Therefore, I feel good about progressing forward, especially since we both are on the same page with this web site.

I plan to meet with my client next week since I have not seen him since my last update, which has mainly been due to our conflicting schedules and at times it has been the weather unfortunately.

Since I haven’t been working too much on my client’s site yet I have been taking the time to update my personal one. I created my portfolio site last year for a class and I am now completely re-doing the design and layout of it, as well as updating my work. I meant to do all of that over the holiday break, but of course that didn’t happen lol.

I have also been busy at my co-op preparing for an open house that the Ohio branch is having. It has been a great marketing experience and I’m looking forward to that two day event coming up in the beginning of March.

I hope that for my next update I will have at least the home page accomplished for my client. He wants to do some advertising soon in some local newspapers before spring and he wants to have a site url by then that he can advertise. Therefore I at least want the homepage up and running and looking professional even if the site is not fully done, which I will claim on there.

I hope everyone else is continuing to have a great experience with their clients and making some progress!

About Rebecca Chafee

I’m currently a senior at Bowling Green State University with a passion for graphic design and web design. My major is in the innovative field of Visual Communication Technology which includes graphic design, web design, photography and video. When I am not hard at work at school or at my job, I enjoy spending time on the water, reading, and painting.
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