Blog Post 7

I have been very busy these past two weeks since my last update! Between school winding down, final projects and work I do not know where the time has gone yet again.

I am happy to report that I have made more than excellent progress with my client’s website. The website is fully coded, functional and almost complete. I met with my client last week to show him the site and he is very pleased with it which is a great relief! I told him to look it over for about a week, everyday, to familiarize himself with it. I also told him to write down any changes he wants, as there was bound to be some.

I then met with him last night and thankfully, his changes were minor. It was just a few images he wanted changed, some content omitted and/or added. The changes should only take me another hour or so which is great.

The next step to do is to make the site responsive and make sure that everything appears great in all browsers, computers, resolutions and etc. I have done some of this research so far and it seems to be fine, however, I am going to create a test matrix for the site and document my recordings. I am also going to have a small focus group of about 5 people to make sure that everything is easily accessible on the site and of course user friendly. These tests and recordings will then tie into the evaluation in Module 5.

Overall I am very happy with my progress and more than glad that my client really does love the site. To me, that is the most important thing!

About Rebecca Chafee

I’m currently a senior at Bowling Green State University with a passion for graphic design and web design. My major is in the innovative field of Visual Communication Technology which includes graphic design, web design, photography and video. When I am not hard at work at school or at my job, I enjoy spending time on the water, reading, and painting.
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  1. Sibutramina says:

    Very GooD

  2. lfugett says:

    Sounds like you really have made great progress! Congrats!

  3. EllTHURDY says:

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