Week 7

I have been making progress since my last post! I have met with my client twice in the past two weeks. The main thing we have been focusing on is getting the content compiled. I’ve been working with Steve on the wording and the placement of the text. He has also been sending me images along when he can which I have been saving in the root folder for his site.

The last time I met with him, we worked on the home page together. Our priority is to get the home page up and live within the next week. He is in the process of advertising for the spring for his heating and cooling business and he wants to put the URL of the site in his flyers and business cards. Since I will not have the site completed by then, I will be making a simple home page about the site being under construction. Therefore, I am working on the code and design for that.

I plan to meet with him this week sometime to figure out hosting for the site. Once that is completed I can get the home page live and then begin creating the pages and filling in the content.

I hope to have most of that complete by my next blog post!

About Rebecca Chafee

I’m currently a senior at Bowling Green State University with a passion for graphic design and web design. My major is in the innovative field of Visual Communication Technology which includes graphic design, web design, photography and video. When I am not hard at work at school or at my job, I enjoy spending time on the water, reading, and painting.
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2 Responses to Week 7

  1. lfugett says:

    Sounds like great progress, Becca. Glad to hear your client is working right along with you. Looking forward to your next post to learn about your website!

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