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My name is Bryan Filipponi and I am a 22-year-old senior at Bowling Green State University. I am majoring in print journalism and a minor in Theater. I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This blog is going to focus around the stock market. Ever since I was in the middle school I have been interested in the stock market. It really came from the fact that in 7th Grade my group won this stock game with the my stock picks of Starbucks (which was around $22 at the start and finished around $58) and Dicks Sporting Goods.

You might think to yourself why listen to this college kid, why not just go out and buy a Warren Buffet book or look up the top brokers portfolios and merely try to copy them as your own. My professor voiced the same concerns, stating what are your credentials? I have around $15,000 currently in the stock market, on the financial website stockpickr.com in the Wall Street Pros vs Main Street Joes challenge, I am ranked 213th out of around 5,000 people. Boosting a positive 28% return on my investments.

I am an active searcher for the next bubble by reading various books and watching multiple financial television programs all of which enhance my stock picking precision. Another reason why my blog on the stock market is valuable is new ideas. Investors, like myself are always looking for new stocks, backed by common sense, facts, and/or a solid thought process. Investors sometimes just need some reassurance in the stocks they researched but are on the fence about investing in.

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  1. Stephen
    10:22 am - 6-3-2011

    Hi, is any of that $15,000 tied up in precious metals at all?

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