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Here is a podcast about the topic of “fracking” which in recent weeks has been the debate of many television and radio personnel. As the podcast below goes into what fracking actually is and some of the positives and negatives of utilizing fracking.

In this article I will talk about a number of corporations that would be greatly effected if there was legislation passed to limit or even ban fracking. The podcast hits on Exxon Mobile, the corporations with the highest impact would be these oil/natural gas or raw material excavating businesses.

A couple of these corporations were featured in my Google map Top Ten Stocks. Corporations such as Goldcorp Incorporated, Silver Wheaton Corp, Energy Transfer Partners, and Freeport-McMoRan Copper. These four corporations only focus of turning profit relys on excavating valuable materials from the earth such as gold, silver, or copper.

If the federal or state governments were to implement restrictions on ways these corporations use to excavate these materials their profits will go down just merely based on quantity produced. With more restrictions these corporations will have lower quantities off of productivity.

This can cause various ramifications for these corporations. Implementing or even just strong rumors of implementing restrictions will cause stakeholders to back away from these corporations thus lowering the price of the stock. This will also cause the corporations to need to try and turn even by not earning as much as their spending by more than likely laying off members of their workforce because they are the most expendable.

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