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The Jim Cramer Boost

Like I’ve said before I like to watch Mad Money with Jim Cramer. But the point of this post is to talk about the impact this show brings. I’ve seen on multiple occasions the stocks that are featured on the show be effected. For example one show Cramer featured a stock called First Republic Bank (FRC), he said that he liked the stock, citing that it was becoming the choice of more and more millionaires and billionaires. The very next day the stock went up I believe it was $1.37 per share. Likewise stocks that Cramer dislikes take a negative hit more often than not. So if you have a stock you want to get a short-term boost too, call up Jim Cramer on Mad Money and pray he likes it too.

Now to reiterate on a point I’ve made before in my posts, look at the news and view it on multiple levels. Now in the news is the devastation in Japan. My prayers go out to those effected. From a investors standpoint I would determine that Japan is the third largest consumer of oil. So I could assume that oil prices would decrease for some time.

Another tip for the stock market is for every dollar that you plan on investing have another dollar to back it up. This allows you to have the capital to back your losses if they occur. The stock market is a easy way to earn money but an even easier way to lose it if you do it carelessly.

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  1. Michael Harrington
    5:39 am - 3-21-2011

    Interesting Blog. Do you have other links with info on the same subject? Thanks,

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