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Big Playground 2017

Hello Everyone,

My name is Josie, I work for Recreation and Wellness and I’m here to tell you about Big Playground 2017! It is happening on February 24th from 10 PM – 1 AM in the Perry Field House. There will be lots of fun activities including an inflatable playground, caricature artists, Zumba, arts and crafts, and henna artists. There will also be free food and who doesn’t love free food?

There is also the very fun dance contest for singles, doubles, or any size group.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win prizes so make sure to sign up now:
Big Playground Dance Contest Entry Form

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RecWell Rewind – Falcon Field House Design Approved

The final design for the Falcon Fieldhouse was approved by the Board of Trustees on Friday, April 13, 1990.

An UndergApproved Design of the Falcon Field Houseraduate Student Government (USG) poll of 162 students conducted in February 1990 revealed that 95 percent showed support for the new facility. The building had to be financed through Interest-bearing bonds and student fees financed over a 15 year period. However, the same USG poll showed that 94 percent showed support for the construction using general fees.

The primary purpose of the new 130,000 square-foot facility was to house intramurals and physical education classes. A major benefit of the fieldhouse was the ability to move intramurals indoors during inclement weather. Use of the building included physical education classes during the morning hours, varsity teams during the afternoon, and intramurals in the evening.

According to interim director of the fieldhouse Ron Zweirlein, part of the University’s planning for the new facility included visits to similar facilities at other campuses. By examining the strengths and weaknesses of existing facilities, and Ron Zweirlein was quoted as saying “my area of expertise is in the design of facilities of this type and this is one of the nicest I have ever seen.” Trustee Kevin Coughlin noted that the building was designed to house sporting activities, not spectators, and plans were not included for bleachers.

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RecWell Rewind – Department of Recreational Sports Formed

The Department of Recreational Sports (Rec Sports) was formed in 1992.

The Department was formed to encompass the Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs programs, which were moved from the College of Health and Physical Education (HPE) (now HMSLS), as well as the Perry Field House, which was under construction.

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RecWell Rewind – “Spirit of the Games Award” Presented to the University Field House

Award PlaqueThe University Field House was presented the “Spirit of the Games Award” July 1995 for having gone beyond the call of duty in ensuring the success of the 1995 OhiOntario Games.

The OhiOntario International Friendship Games were held from 1994 to 2001 to “demonstrate a community approach to international goodwill by promoting active living in the sister cities of St. Thomas, Ontario, and Bowling Green, Ohio.”

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