RecWell Rewind – Student Recreation Center Restoration

During the summer of 1991, several areas of the Student Recreation Center were restored to like-new conditions.

Renovations included handball, racquetball, basketball, tennis, and indoor volleyball court refinishing as well as the addition of four new outdoor lighted basketball courts and a sand volleyball court. The department also purchased four new exercise bikes and several step masters. To better service students, the office counters were redone and computers were added. At the conclusion of the renovations, associate director of the Student Recreation Center, Dr. Ron Zwierlein, stated that “the center is now good––if not better from the day we opened.” He added that “a number of people do not believe the center is 13 years old. They think its as new as the first day the key opened the door.”

Funding for the renovations came from the auxiliary improvement projects budget which was a reserve maintenance account used to keep the Student Recreation Center in good condition. The renovations were completed during the summer in order to minimize student inconvenience.

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