RecWell Rewind – Youth Fun and Fitness Program Started

The Youth Fun and Fitness Program was created in the summer of 1982 after the Student Recreation Center opened for faculty use.

Kids Enjoying Their Time at Camp

The Youth Fun and Fitness Days Program was created when the Student Recreation Center opened for faculty use. Originally, the program was only available to the children of BGSU faculty. However, it later expanded to include the children of all Student Recreation Center members and also the public if spots were available. The program was open to children in grades one through six.

The objectives of the program were to help children recognize the importance of health, safety, and good leisure-time activities, to introduce children to different sports and teach good sportsmanship through both competitive and cooperative sports, and to provide children the opportunity to see campus programs through visits and hands-on experience.Kids Learning to Dance at Camp

Children could participate in various indoor and outdoor physical activities that varied over the years. Some of the activities offered were swimming, sailing, ice skating, racquetball, kick ball, soccer, and whiffle ball, and outdoor games. Over the years various field trips were also offered such as campus and community tours, visits to WBGU-TV, the Wood County Airport, and sailing. Enrollment in the program had declined in 1992 and was discontinued soon after.

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