“When You Get the Choice to Sit it Out or Dance..”

Emotions of excitement, exhilaration, and exhaustion were flowing in the BGSU Student Recreation Center this past weekend. Dancers, Moralers, Visitors and more gathered for BGSU’s 15th annual Dance Marathon.

For 32 straight hours students are on their feet raising money for the children of Mercy Children’s Hospital that are ill or injured. This year students provided hope and inspiration to the miracle children and families by raising an impressive $152,119.61.



Although there was a decrease of 200 dancers this year, the results proved that hard work and dedication can allow students to hokey pokey their way to big achievements.

Sponsorship Chair Amy Helm has been a participant of Dance Marathon for four years now. “There is no better feeling than watching your hard work payoff,” she said. “Seeing the faces on our miracle children and families is a life changing experience.”


In order for Dance Marathon to be successful, a year-long effort is required. BGSU Students play different roles to ensure everything pulls together come the day of the event. Dancers are students who are on their feet for the entire 32 hours raising money with every dance step they take. Moralers are the students who provide physical and emotional support to the dancers, whether it be a back massage or words of encouragement.  Bikers are a different component of Dance Marathon. They bike 180 miles from Cincinnati to Bowling Green, raising money for “Bike for Tikes”. And of course, Dance Marathon would not be possible without the Steering Committee, a group of students selected to run Dance Marathon.


First time Dancer Andrea Maas expressed how thankful she was to be able to play a role in Dance Marathon. “Not only are you changing the lives of the kids, but you change your own life as well,” said Maas. “I made so many friends, made money for kids, and made memories that will last a lifetime.”



For 15 years now BGSU prides itself on having “One of the largest and most active Dance Marathon Organizations in the nation,” according to the BGSU Dance Marathon Web Site. Students are encouraged to continue this successful tradition by signing up. More information can be found on BGSU’s Dance Marathon Web Site. We’re giving you the chance to sit it out or dance, and we hope you dance.