“Attitude Reflects Leadership, Captain.”

In a riveting scene from the motion picture, Remember the Titans, Julius Campbell says one of the most defining lines of the entire movie. After arguing with the team captain he states, “Attitude reflects leadership, captain.” Although this scene does not exactly represent Recreation and Wellness’ Student Development and Leadership Program, this phrase certainly describes the leaders within.


The Student Development and Leadership Program (SDL) is designed to teach and enhance the leadership skills of employees within the Recreation and Wellness Department. The sessions are conducted by professional staff, graduate assistants and other experienced and knowledgeable people linked to the University.


SDL is beneficial to RecWell employees because it is informative and motivational at the same time. The program prepares students for their current jobs in RecWell, as well as their future. No matter what career paths they choose, this program will motivate them to be successful.


Because the program is completely voluntary, incentives are offered to the participants. The incentives include: Learning to be a leader, opportunities for promotion, career development, recognition events, Rec Bucks and of course CASH! Students can make up to $50.00 for attending every session.


During the sessions, students participate in a variety of activities both individually and in teams. Student Supervisor Joanna Larkin described the activities as an interactive setting that helps students better understand the message. “At one SDL, we met at the climbing wall and practiced team trust building,” she said. “At our money management session, we did an activity that allowed us to figure out what type of person we were when it comes to saving vs. spending.” Other sessions have included activities such as resume building, a starlit night hike, and a tour of the behind the scenes in RecWell.


Larkin emphasized the fact that even though most of the sessions are held on a Friday and may seem boring, they are actually very fun. “They are a great way to build your resume, build your relationship with your co-workers and peers, and ultimately build your character,” Larkin said.


The last workshop for the spring semester is on Friday, April 23 at 3:30 PM. The workshop is titled, “How to Measure UP” and will cover focus groups. It will be held at the Student Recreation Center Youth and Family Room. The session is open to those students who have attended at least one SDL session. In order to attend, sign up at https://sa.bgsu.edu/forms/sdl-classes.php.


The “captains” of Recreation and Wellness are obviously aware of the relationship between attitude and leadership. They set aside time in their busy schedules to ensure their employees are receiving the proper training and leadership experience they need.  If it were not for these “captains” reflecting positive attitudes upon their players, the program would not be as successful as it is.