BIG Playground has BIG Turn Out.

The streets of Bowling Green were a little less populated this past Friday night as many students flocked to the recreation center for a healthier source of entertainment.


The Department of Recreation and Wellness hosted their 12th annual BIG Playground event Friday evening. The event is designed to prove to students that there are fun ways to spend weekend nights other than indulging in irresponsible behavior. Students received a free water bottle and extra goodies when signing a pledge to be responsible on spring break. The Department of Recreation and Wellness works hard every year to encourage student health and safety.



Despite the hazardous weather, students trudged through snow and slush to enjoy a series of activities including 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable jousting and face painting. Many students took advantage of the free food and beverages that was offered as well.




Sophomore Audrey Backes decided to return after participating in the event last year. “This is a really good time of the year to hold an event like this. For me, this weather really puts a damper on weekends, and BIG Playground is a great way to have some indoor fun,” she said.


Freshman Taylor Tucker mentioned how she had been looking forward to BIG Playground to meet new people. “As a freshman you are always looking for ways to make new friends, BIG Playground allows you to let loose and do things you don’t normally do as a college student.” “I would definitely come back again,” she said.


Every year BIG Playground provides students with a great way to set responsibility aside while still being responsible. BIG Playground is proof that students can have a great time without making bad decisions.