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Hello, my name is Patrick Voirol and I am specializing in international business and business management here at BGSU, graduating this upcoming December. A little background information on me, I was born in the United States, but grew up and spent most of my childhood in a little town called Wilburgstetten in southern Germany. I then moved to the US to try out high-school and live with my dad for a year, which I ended up liking a lot and stuck around. While the US is a very unique and interesting country, I think following my graduation I want to land my first job in the US and start my professional career here; but ultimately want to return to Germany someday. But since I have dual citizenship, this has no rush





Since I have been at BGSU I have tried to get involved in the on-campus life, joining Greek life the spring semester of my freshman year, and serving on IFC’s (inter fraternity council’s) judicial board. I joined Phi Gamma Delta, where I was the finance chair throughout the last year, furthering my budget management and financial skill. Additional, serving on the judicial board has taught me a great deal about collaborating with others and hearing others ideas and opinions on matters to collectively form a decision.

Following my graduation I am planning on moving to China for a year to teach business English abroad. I have studied abroad in China the summer of 2018 (which I will touch base on later) and got to know the country very well. The opportunities for foreigners in China currently, are through the roof due to their rapid economic growth in the recent decades. After that I would like to find a business related job in the area for another few years, before eventually returning to the US or Germany. I suppose I just want to explore the world a bit right out of college and not go to one area and company I will stay with the rest of my life.

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