Circulated microphones

My office circulates microphones to EDHD faculty, staff, and students for a short term or the entire semester. We primarily have four types available:

  • MOVO USB lavalier (lapel): clip on with 20 ft cable. Works well for individual use with Webex, Big Blue Button, and creating other uploaded video content.
  • Samson USB Go Microphone: intended or a table or stand. This can be set for cardioid or omnidirectional patterns. It also has a low frequency cut off switch for removing room rumbles and unwanted bass noises. Variable length cables can be used to accommodate space requirements
  • Logitech USB headset: mic and headphone combination.
  • Rode Wireless Go: This is a very easy to use wireless microphone system intended for videotaping classroom teaching but has multiple uses. It can also be used with an adapter to work with iPhones.

Many BGSU classrooms have existing microphones for room amplification and there are plans to equip approximately 150 classrooms for use with remote/hybrid teaching to communicate with students of campus (Webex, etc.) fall 2020.

My office also has some room amplification microphones, not listed above, and speakers (both PA type and small portable systems) available. It is best to contact me to clarify need and get matched with the best equipment available.

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