Intro to BGSU Google Accounts

I’ve been an administrator for BGSU Google accounts since approximately 2017. This was created to help prepare our teacher education students to use Google Classroom out in the field. It is currently used by the following EDHD courses (* = all sections, listings without include the section involved):

COUN 6690
EDIS 2500*
EDIS 3100*
EDIS 4100*
EDIS 4400*
EDTL 2300*
EDTL 2760*
EDTL 3021 *
EDTL 4181 1002
EDTL 4670 *
EDTL 4760 *
EDTL 6180 *
EDTL 6310 *
EDTL 6350 *
EDTL 6360 *
EDWF 2620 *
EIEC 2340
EIEC 3150 *
HDFS 4200*
HDFS 3050*
HDFS 4220*

The courses listed above have automatic account creation based on class rosters, making this process much easier for everyone to manage.

If you would like to have a course or course section added, we can add it to the system. Please contact me for info:

Please note:

  • This isn’t intended for offices or other official BGSU business (student records, budgets, research, etc.). In most circumstances, you should be using Microsoft Teams , Sharepoint or OneDrive for collaboration and cloud storage.
  • Google Gmail is blocked from use.

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