Clipchamp – Video trim, blur, and compression

Clipchamp is an easy to use browser based video editor provided by Microsoft. The current free version is a great option for students who need to trim, obscure identities (AKA “blur”), and compress edTPA videos.

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edTPA Camera Selection

Most EDHD students have the following camera options available to them, each has pros and cons. The best solution for you depends on your classroom environment, equipment availability, and your tech comfort level.

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iPhone Camera settings for edTPA

The default iPhone camera settings will record video in high definition and create extremely large file sizes. This is not necessary for edTPA requirements and many students encounter problems while transferring and uploading these large files. Students should use these recommended settings to avoid file transfer problems:

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NEW GEAR: Xyron XM4400 Laminator

The TRC recently installed a Xyron XM4400 cold laminator. It uses a 38″ wide laminate roll and instantly bonds to paper without any heat or warmup time. The intended purpose of the machine is to complement our poster printing service, which is based on 36″ roll paper, but it can be used for a variety of paper sizes and projects.

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NEW GEAR: Automatic Laminator

The TRC has purchased a fully automatic pouch-free lamination machine. It works like the document feeder found on most copiers. Put a stack of letter size pages in the feed tray, the machine will pull individual pages through it one at a time, laminate them, and cut them to size. The laminated pages come out well sealed and centered at a rate of about 5 pages per minute. Here’s a video if it in action:

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Heavyweight Construction Paper

The EDHD Technology & Resource Center materials have expanded to now include heavyweight construction paper sized 9X12 and 12X18.  Each size comes in 12 colors.  This is in addition to our previous offering of lightweight construction paper, which also comes in 12 colors.  All these items are provided at no-additional-cost to EDHD students.
The new paper is available now and housed in the main office in 215 Education.  New storage units are on order and the supply will be moved into the Open Lab in 213 Ed when ready.

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Zoom Q2n camera tips for edTPA recording

The TRC camera inventory includes over 125 Zoom Q2n video cameras for circulation. These cameras are very compact and unobtrusive with wide angle lenses and high quality microphones. They were originally designed for recording live music events but also work very well for classroom recordings.

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Signing into BGSU Google accounts

This information pertains to the BGSU instance of Google accounts automatically available to select EDHD courses.

Most can open a web browser on their computer and go to: OR if the browser is already logged into a google account, select “add another account” in the account settings panel located near the top right side of the screen.

First enter your full BGSU email address (such as: and then the BGSU single sign on will appear for you to enter your BGSU username and password.

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Restarting classroom computers

ITS has removed shutdown and restart from the Windows Start menu on the Dell computers in all campus classrooms. There now is an icon (shown below) on the desktop to restart these computers. It is recommended to use this after each session of use.

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NEW GEAR: Bluetooth headset – Logitech Zone Wireless

The TRC has a collection of over 40 USB wired headsets that have been part of our inventory for several years. Like these:

Over the summer I had a few requests to accommodate situations that required wireless headsets but the supply chain shortage made them difficult to procure. I was fortunate to recently find these Logitech Bluetooth headsets and was surprised that they also include active noise cancellation. We have purchased 5 and they are ready to circulate now. Email me for more info if you are interested in checking one out:

Logitech Wireless Zone info page:

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