Recent Publications

Kinsman-Costello, L., K. Fussell, C. Winslow, J. Kerns, S. Newell, T. Bridgeman, R. Becker, J. Chaffin, K. Doro, L. Johnson, G. Liu, K. McCluney, H. Michaels, R. Midden, S. Qian, R. Mendonca, N. Wright. 2021. H2Ohio Wetland Monitoring Program Monitoring Plan. Lake Erie and Aquatic Research Network (LEARN) for Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). Columbus, OH, USA. 114 pp.

Beligala, G.U., Michaels, H. J. and Phuntumart, V. 2020. Screening of lupine germplasm for resistance against Phytophthora sojae. Botany 98: 261–272 (2020)

Michaels, H.J, C.A. Cartwright, and E.F. Wakeley Tomlinson. Relationships Among Population Size, Environmental Factors, and Reproduction in Lupinus perennis (Fabaceae). Am. Midl. Nat. (2019) 182:160–180.

Beligala, D.H., H. J. Michaels, M. Devries, and V. Phuntumart. 2017. Multilocus Sequence Analysis of Root Nodule Bacteria Associated with Lupinus spp. and Glycine max. Advances in Microbiology (7)11: 790-812.

Arnold, Paige & Michaels, Helen. (2017). Nectar Sampling for Prairie and Oak Savanna Butterfly Restoration. Applications in Plant Sciences. 5. 1600148. DOI: 10.3732/apps.1600148.

Walsh, Ryan & Michaels, Helen. (2017). When it pays to cheat: Examining how generalized food deception increases male and female fitness in a terrestrial orchid. PLoS ONE. 12. e0171286. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0171286.

Plenzler, Michael & Michaels, Helen. (2015). Terrestrial Habitat Quality Impacts Macroinvertebrate Diversity in Temporary Wetlands. Wetlands. 35. . 10.1007/s13157-015-0697-4.

Plenzler, Michael & Michaels, Helen. (2015). Seedling Recruitment and Establishment of Lupinus perennis in a Mixed-Management Landscape. Natural Areas Journal. 35. 224-234. DOI: 10.3375/043.035.0203.

Walsh, Ryan & Arnold, Paige & Michaels, Helen. (2014). Effects of Pollination Limitation and Seed Predation on Female Reproductive Success of a Deceptive Orchid.. AoB plants. 6. DOI:  10.1093/aobpla/plu031.

Kappler, Rachel & Michaels, Helen & V. Root, Karen. (2012). Impact of Seed Predation by Mice on Wild Lupine in and near Oak Savannas. The American Midland Naturalist. 168. 18-29.DOI: 10.1674/0003-0031-168.1.18.

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