Michaels Lab Theses/Dissertations

Meigan Day, M.S. May 2020. Nectar Resource Quality of Oak Savanna Habitats.

Erica Forstater, M.S. Aug. 2020. Impacts of Nutrient Loads on the Invasion Potential of Butomus umbellatus L. on Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Diked Wetlands.

Rachel Wilson, M.S. Aug. 2019. The Genetic Basis for Seed Coat Polymorphisms in Lupinus perennis.

Hayley Meek, M.S. Dec. 2018.  Seed Coat Pigment Variation and UV Stress Tolerance in Lupinus perennis.

Paige Arnold, M.S. Aug. 2016. Variation in Nectar Composition: The Influence of Nectar Quality on Monarch Success.

Jacob Sublett, M.S. Aug. 2016. Effects of Seed Coat Variation and Population on Plant-Microbial Interactions.

Alyssa Dietz, M.S. Aug. 2015. Soil and Litter Legacy Effects of Invasive Lake Erie Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus) On Lake Erie Wetland Restoration.

Jennifer Shimola, M.S. Aug. 2013. Impacts of a Seed Predator On Sundial Lupine

Jacob Meier, M.S. Aug. 2013. Enhancing the Restoration of Wet Prairie Following the Removal of Frangula Alnus (Glossy Buckthorn)

Ryan Walsh, PhD Aug. 2013. Pollination Ecology and Demography of a Deceptive Orchid

Mike Plenzler, PhD Dec.  2012. Terrestrial Influences On The Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity Of Temporary Wetlands

Christopher Davis, M.S. Dec. 2008. Demography of Sundew in Restored Populations

Ryan Walsh, M.S. Aug. 2008. Examining Cypripedium (Orchidaceae) Hybridization In A Prairie/Woodland Ecotone

Mike Plenzler, M.S Aug. 2008. Seedling Recruitment And Establishment Of Lupinus perennis In A Mixed-Management Landscape

Mark St. Mary, M.S. Aug. 2007. A Study On The Effectiveness Of Transplanting vs. Seeding Of Lupinus perennis In An Oak Savanna Regeneration Site

Dhan Shahi, M.S. May 2007. Effects Of Density And Demographic Structures On Reproductive Success Of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L). Populations In Ohio

Marcus Ricci M.S. May 2006 (co-advised with Karen Root). Using Conservation GIS To Build A Predictive Model For Oak Savanna Ecosystems In Northwest Ohio

Sarah Kidd, M.S. Dec. 2005. Molecular Phylogenetics of the Hawaiian Geraniums

Xhijue Shi, Ph.D. Dec. 2004. Inbreeding And Inbreeding Depression In The Wild Lupine

Christopher Tracey, M.S. Dec. 2002 (co-advised with Juan Bouzat). Phenotypic Plasticity In The Threatened Plant Lupinus perennis: Does Population Size Matter?

Scott Hevner, M.S. Dec. 2001. Effects Of Multiple Visits By Pollinators To Flowers On The Reproduction Of Wild Lupine

Constance Hausman, M.S., Aug. 2001. The Effects Of A Light Gradient On The Establishment Of An Oak Savanna Plant Community

Scott Kelly, M.S., Aug. 1998. Germination Preferences And Effects Of Micro-Site Variation On Lupinus Perennis Establishment In An Oak Savanna

Carrie Cartwright, M.S., Aug. 1997. Interpopulation Variation In Lupinus perennis, The Wild Lupine.

Ann Silveri, M.S., Dec. 1995. Ecology Of An Oriental Bittersweet (Celastrus Orbiculatus) Invasion At The Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary In Lenox, Massachusetts.

Denise Pax, M.S., Dec. 1994. Molecular Systematics Of The Endemic Hawaiian Geraniums As Determined By rbcl Sequence Data.

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