Welcome to the Michaels Lab!

Research in the Michaels Lab examines how anthropogenic changes in land use and climate impact natural populations and interspecific interactions, particularly interactions of plants with their pollinators, dispersal agents, and microbial mutualists and antagonists. We work in a variety of habitats including the oak savannas and prairies of Ohio’s Oak Openings,  Lake Erie marshes, and northwest Ohio wetland restorations (H2Ohio) employing various techniques and approaches as driven by the questions or problems we study in conservation, restoration, or molecular ecology. We use field, growth chamber, or greenhouse experiments, RNA and DNA sequencing, demographic modeling, surveys of environmental factors, or chemical analyses to understand ecological and evolutionary processes and patterns across time and space.

We are hiring for our grant funded projects on Nutrient Removal by Wetland Vegetation!

Learn more about these positions herehttps://blogs.bgsu.edu/michaelslab/summer-2024-research-assistant-positions-available/(opens in a new tab)

Learn more about this research here:  https://blogs.bgsu.edu/michaelslab/nutrient-removal-by-wetland-vegetation/(opens in a new tab)

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