Bradshaw selected for broadcasting exchange in Germany

Kathy Bradshaw has been invited to participate in the Radio-Television Digital News Foundation program in Germany and Belgium in June.
 A group of 12 American journalists spend two weeks in Germany and Belgium.

RTDNF partners with the RIAS Berlin Commission which was established in 1992 to maintain mutual understanding in the field of broadcasting and to promote the transatlantic tradition symbolized by Radio in the American Sector over the last 60 years.

“Last year there was a student in my class from Germany,” Bradshaw said. “His presence changed our conversations about news. I hope that my new knowledge about Germany will be a connection for students.”

The trip is organized and led by the head of the RIAS Berlin. More than 600 American journalists have been part of the German-American exchange program since the inception of the program.

Bradshaw said this program also presented the department an opportunity to host a German broadcast journalist. He will be on campus on  April 12 for a public talk as well as sessions with students. Bradshaw said he will likely talk about the Syrian refugees in Germany.

“It turned out a double benefit,” she said. “We’re hosting a German journalist, and I’ll return and share my experiences about German broadcasting, government, politics, and culture.”

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