Cox Media in Dayton provides a lesson in convergence

Four faculty members visited Cox Media Group Ohio in Dayton in late February to explore the realities of a combined newsroom that covers stories for websites, radio, television and print newspapers. The print paper has a nearly 150,000 Sunday circulation.

Journalists at Cox in Dayton produce news for the Dayton Daily News newspaper; the number one rated WHIO-TV7 news cast; 7 Weather Now, the first digital station and only local weather station in Dayton; and News Talk Radio WHIO AM 1290 and 95.7 FM.

Kathy Bradshaw, Ken Garland, Mike Horning and Kelly Taylor talked with the journalists and news managers who are on the front line of negotiating journalistic values, technical changes and market pressures. The journalists explained that they were constantly re-examining the structure and deployment of the newsgathering and everyone was learning new technical skills.

LEFT: Sign at Cox. RIGHT: Mike Horning and Kelly Taylor check out the interactive welcome screen at Cox Media Group Ohio in Dayton before spending the day with journalists to learn about a combined newsroom.

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