BG24 News expanding under strong student leadership

by Ken Garland, adviser

BG24 News is a more productive, innovative and creative organization. And it is better because of the student leaders.

The organization has grown substantially within the last year. The most notable growth has come in the number of shows being produced. BG24 News has gone from airing two newscasts a week to airing five shows a week.

Those shows now include two newscasts, a university sports program, a public affairs show and a local news talk show.

The expanded schedule –and formats – exemplifies the dedication and desire of the student leaders and of the organization as a whole. Students created a talk show about local events. Student leaders created special programming online. They covered Dane Marathon by posting hourly updates on the organization’s webpage every hour for 36 hours.

Their enthusiasm also spread to other members of the organization.  The end result was more opportunity for more people to be involved.

The news junkies are producing news updates for radio and online. They were covering stories on campus, in Bowling Green and surrounding towns.

The sports lovers were shooting game highlights and covering press conferences. And they were telling the personal stories of players and coaches.

More work is also happening behind the scenes. The student leaders meet with their groups every week. They plan stories to cover, brainstorm ideas for segments, fine tune their writing and critique their work.

Meanwhile, another group is working to let more people know about BG24 News. That’s the job of the Public Relations department.

In the past, the PR department has been a PR person. Now, there is a PR team. This group promotes BG24 news as “Your Campus and Community Connection” and helps raise funds for the organization.

Student leaders are dedicated to individual and organizational improvement.

They lead by example. They take pride in the organization and pride in their work. And that is proven by their work ethic.

The student leaders of BG24 News love new ideas…they love a challenge…and they love the opportunities provided by this organization.  They have grown and they have helped the organization grow.

Thanks to their leadership…their guidance…and their commitment BG24 News has become a stronger, more diverse organization.

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