Instructors Awarded Grant for TV Series

The music of local bands performing live in concert is providing more than entertainment for students. It also is creating an opportunity to learn. Instructors Stephen Merrill and Ken Garland were awarded a $3,000 Service Learning Course Development grant for the 2014-2015 semester.

The course will be a production of a television series of programs documenting the local community music scene. Students will produce, videotape, record and mix audio and edit the performances of local bands on location at the Clazel Theatre. Students will learn video and audio production techniques, program distribution skills, marketing techniques for the program and for the local venue and how to produce a program from an external environment. The production will air on WBGU-TV. The Service Learning project will be an extension of the ‘Live Wire’ program currently being produced by WBGU-FM.

The development of this course will create community relationships and will feature arts as the focal point for media content.

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