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April 26, 2009

How to Fish Speech

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For our last speech we had to give a “How to speech” to the class. I really like giving speeches like this to classes because I get to talk about something I like to do and with that I can share all of it to the class. For this speech I had to prepare a lot for it. I say this because we needed at least five sources so research at the library for books, or other information on fishing was in need.  I was able to find a lot of useful books at the library, but majority of the information I got out of them was things I already knew about.

I did feel like I had dressed appropriately for the speech. I dressed as how I would go fishing, that is the reason I did not dress in business casual clothes. I also felt like my use of visual aids were very helpful in my speech. I brought in my pole to show how to cast the rod and brought in my tackle box to show some of the necessities needed while fishing.

Although I thought my speech went really well for the most part there is also things that I wish I would have done better. Some of the things I think that I could’ve done better are limited the use of filler words such as “like” and “um” as well as slow down my rate of speech.

I do feel as if I deserve a pretty good grade on this considering I was well prepared, used my visual aids effectively, and was in the appropriate time range.Overall I really have enjoyed listening to other speakers, because I have learned a lot of new things, such as how to make different foods, making sports bets, and identifying a terrorist.

April 13, 2009

Chapter 15 speech over persuasion

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Last Wednesday my group gave our last group speech over chapter 15 that deals with persuasive speeches. For this speech we had to meet a lot outside of class to get our speech well prepared. In our first meeting we divided the chapter into four different section in which each of us were going to talk about. I was given the last part of the chapter which went over the materials of organizing speeches on questions of policy. We then went our separate ways and made a PowerPoint for our part of the speech and sent it to Imani where she meshed them all together so they were all the same. I feel like the PowerPoint was very presentable, with a good amount of material that was straight to the point. 

I think that this speech should have been easy for every one’s group as long as they knew their material and met with their groups to get the speech well organized. I didn’t enjoy this speech as much as our toast speech because with our “toast” we got to have fun with it. The reason I feel that was is because this speech was more serious and academic. 

Overall I feel like we did do a good job on this speech, we did have to kind of cut it short because of the time limit, but I would rather have the speech go longer than shorter. We were able to fit all of our material in the speech, but I do feel as our conclusion to the speech was weak, and could’ve been better if we were not running out of time. I am now looking forward in giving my last speech over how to fish, because it is something that I enjoy and I really want to show the class my knowledge on the sport of fishing.

April 1, 2009

“The Toast”

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In class on Monday March 30th my group gave our first group presentation.

To prepare for a “toast” we had to John and Beverly we met multiple time to organize and discuss what we were going to say in our part of the speech. We randomly flipped a coin to see what roles we were going to play in our speeches. I was given the role of the best man. I feel that I got the easy end of the stick (sorry broc) because I can relate more to what a best man would say instead of what broc had to do in which his case he was the father of the bride.

How I myself prepared for the speech was at first I sat down and watched some youtube videos on best man speeches. After that I then started brainstorming ideas of what I was going to say. I figured that I would talk about past events and how John and I grew up together and decided to make up some cheesy stories about our college days and the road trip we took to Las Vegas. I then prepared by practicing in front of a mirror timing myself so I had a reasonable time, that I didn’t go too long or too short. I feel like practicing in front of a mirror is one of the best ways to practice a speech because you can see youselfand how you move and give gestures, it also helps with eye contact as well.

I feel that our speech went really well. We tried using props but all we could get were coffee cups for our “champagne” instead of plastic flutes like the group that went today. (very nice job to that group by the way) I did feel like that there were a few down falls to our speech. For instance I feel that our transitions could have been a little better, as well as the eye contact to the “guests” instead of just looking at the screen to “john and beverly.” I did feel as though we did have a lot of positives to our speech. For instance we tried adding humor to our speech to keep the audience entertained. Also, we budgeted our time very wisely so we were in the correct time limit.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this speech, and felt like we did a very nice job on it…showing that we got a pretty good grade on it that is. I also feel like the audience enjoyed it as well.

February 11, 2009

Class Reflection for February 9, 2009

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Hey class,

On Monday we went over chapters 2 and 14. Chapter 2 is all about listening. 

We learned the following facts about listening

  • It is important skill to master
  • Most people are poor listeners
  • After 24 hours we remember only 10% of the original message
  • By being a good listener you can improve your speaking skills
        We also talked about how there is four different types of listening . The first type is empathetic. Empathetic listening is listening to provide emotional support for the speaker. The next one we talked about is appreciative listening. What this is is just listening for pleasure. The third type of listening is comprehensive listening. This is listening to understand the message of the speaker, such as listening to directions. The final type of listening is critical. When critically listening we listen to evaluate a message for the purpose of accepting or rejecting the information.
        Next the class talked about what was in chapter 14 and that is informative speech. What an informative speech does is it is designed to convey knowledge and understanding. When giving an informative speech we can talk about different types of topics such as objects, processes, events, and concepts. Some ideas the speaker should take note upon for their audience is to not underestimate what the audience knows, to relate the subject directly to the audience, do not be too technical towards the audience, and finally personalize your ideas.
       We then did an activity at the end of class. We all picked groups and were given a topic to inform the class about.  The topic my group was given on how to meet new people. I felt that we did a good job informing people how to be outgoing, be friendly, and to join organizations to meet new people.
The last thing we did in class was watch a six minute clip of a man giving an informative speech on peppers. This gave us a good visual on how to be able to give an informative speech.
see ya in class

February 9, 2009

Speech Day February 4, 2009

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I gave my speech on why I am unique. I feel that I did quite well and follwed the format and guidelines like i should have. I was in the time limit which I am always worried about cause I usually speak really fast when I am nervous. But when I gave my speech I wasn’t really nervous because I have gotten to know most of the class and I felt real comfortable around the class. I also enjoyed listening to everyone elses speeches because I got to learn a little more about everyone. Anyways I’m going to bed, see ya’ll in class.



February 3, 2009

Class reflection January 21,2009

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Alright so in class on Wednesday, January 21st we went over both chapter 1 and 2. We talked about the differences and similarities between public speaking and conversation. Also we talked about such things as stage fright, and how nervousness is normal. As well as talking about nervousness we discussed ethics in speech. When you are speaking you should stand up straight, talk loud, and not chew gum. Also, when you are in the audience you should be paying attention, not sleeping, and no electronic devices should be turned on. To end the class we watched some video of a little girl talking about her feet, body and head. It was nice.

Class reflection of February 2, 2009

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Yesterday in class we started our first speech on why we are unique. Unfortunately I was not able to go quite yet. Overall I felt that all of the speeches went well and were very good. Also, all three of the people had gone that I needed to evaluate. I felt that their speeches went well also, but on the downfall they used the “filler” words such as um, and like. This is a common problem during speeches but can be easily fixed.

see you in class tomorrow


January 20, 2009

All about me

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Hey IPC 205 class,

I’m here writing my first blog to tell you a little bit about myself.I am currently a sophomore here at BG studying sport management. First all I was born October 9th, 1988 in a small town southof Bowling Green. I have have 3 siblings all younger than me and a dog that is extremely fat. During the winter times like we are in right now I enjoy doing activities such as hockey, and usually play video games since it’s so cold out. But in the Summer months I enjoy fishing and golfing with my friends. My favorite type of food has definitely got to be Italian food, I love pasta, and pizza especially. Usually when I’m walking to class you will most likely see me listening to my iPod jamming out to pretty much any kind of music. I enjoy rock, hip-hop, country, techno…etc. I am in the fraternity of Sigma Phi Epsilon and have met a lot of new great people through my time in it. Also, I hold the position of social chair which my job is to schedule social events with other fraternities and sororities. Well anyways I hope this was enough information about me but I will see you all in class tomorrow on Wednesday.


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