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Improve name recall with this exercise

Posted by jeggent on April 14, 2015

By me (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsI was never very good with names.  I tried numerous tricks to improve this skill, but I didn’t seem to get any better.  Saying someone’s name multiple times within the first couple of minutes of meeting them always seemed really weird anyways.  This was an area that I really wanted to improve, so I continued to work on it.

Recently, I accidentally came up with a useful exercise to help me better remember names.  While I am walking to a meeting or just out for exercise, I started looking at people and thinking about who they most look like.  The people you see won’t necessarily look a lot like the people you know, but try to think of who they most look like.  This will cause you to picture the other person and give you time to recall their name.  This regular practice of associating names with faces really seems to be helping.   Similarly, just picturing the people you know will be present at the meeting you are headed to will help you to be prepared to greet them by name.

Best of luck!
John @ BGSU