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Posted by jeggent on September 17, 2013

Need something geeky to do over lunch?  I have a couple of suggestions.

1.  The Freakonomics Radio Podcast

The authors of the great Freakonomics book do a podcast called Freakonomics Radio.  In the podcast they address similar types of topics that the book does.  One recent topic was “Do Baby Girls Cause Divorce?”  They talk about the statistical chance of couples staying together when there first child is a boy vs. girl and how likely they are to have more children depending on the gender of the first.  I enjoy how they ask interesting questions, take obscure positions, and support them with statistics.

2.  Ted Talks

I’ve known of and watched Ted Talks for some time.  When I recently watched and really enjoyed a talk on large prime numbers, I realized that I should add it to this blog.  At the top of the viewing page you can subscribe to a daily or weekly e-mail for updates.

– John

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