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Learning PHP

Posted by jeggent on October 25, 2012

So I’ve decided that it’s time to move beyond ASP classic for web programming.  I am working on teaching myself PHP.  I’ve chosen to learn PHP because that is the language we use for our applications in the office and I find the code fairly easy to read.

I’ve been using Notepad++ as a text editor for several years and find that it is also very good for writing PHP code.  If you set the language as PHP from the beginning it will do contextual highlighting for you which is very nice.  My main resources for leaning the language are the phpacademy and web sites.  The phpacademy site links to over 500 video tutorials on PHP programming.  Each video is fairly short and does a good job of explaining a given function or construct.  I mainly use the site to get the syntax for functions.  The code examples that others leave in the comments can be helpful too.  And of course there is the MySQL reference manual if that is your database of choice.

Here is an example of one of the videos: