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Keep using Firefox with PeopleSoft

Posted by jeggent on April 23, 2012

Around two months ago a Firefox update caused the browser to stop working well with PeopleSoft.  Sadly the same thing had happened with Chrome not long before that.  IE and Safari both appear to still work well with their current versions.  If you, like me, would like to continue to use Firefox there is a work-around.  You can download Firefox version 3.6 from and use it with PeopleSoft.  Since this is not a current version I would not recommend using the browser with external web sites.  This “portable” 3.6 version will not harm your “current” Firefox version, but they cannot be running at the same time.  I use Firefox 3.6 as my primary PeopleSoft browser, IE as my secondary browser (when logged into two environments at the same time), and Chrome for external sites.

** I just checked the new Firefox 12 and it is the same story of super slow page loads.  A random update broke it and I keep hoping a random update will fix it.

** Update 2:  Make sure you turn off auto-updates in your 3.6 version in order to stay at that version and not get bugged about updates.

** Update 3:  This issue has been fixed for us.  Thank you Casey!  I’m told the issue had to do with SSL ciphers.  PeopleSoft is now working with the current versions of Firefox and Chrome.