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Posted by jeggent on January 9, 2012

Before I begin the long process of creating the next aid year in PeopleSoft, lets talk about something more fun.  Image editing and creating!  Whether or not you have experience with the software package Photoshop you are likely familiar with the name.  Photoshop or Photoshopped or just shopped, has come to mean a picture that has been digitally altered.  Photoshop and programs like it can be used to create digital images or touch up images such as digital photographs.  I needed to create a logo for a web site recently and I turned to my favorite Photoshop alternative Paint.NET.  The last I checked, Photoshop costs hundreds of dollars to purchase and Paint.NET is completely free.  Paint.NET has many of the features of Photoshop and those lacking can often be added to the program through plugins.  For example, I needed to have text arch around a circular image.  A quick Google search identified a Paint.NET plugin called Circle Text which does just that.  I find Paint.NET easy enough to use and recommend checking it out if you are in need of this type of program.  Good Luck!

Well, check it out.  The day after I post this, one of my favorite web sites (lifehacker) posts about the same topic.  The Best Image Editing App for Windows

**Another Update**
Here is one of the logos I created with Paint.Net and the circle text plug in.  I’m happy with how it turned out.  I also did some web site updates with Paint.Net.  You can check out Byrne Road and Adrian Vein Clinics to see the site.  Check them out for treatment of spider and/or varicose veins.